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Add-A-Quarter™ with Templates

The Add-A-Quarter™ is an extremely versatile tool which simplifies paper piecing and helps save you time. To help demonstrate just how effective this product is, we've created several tutorials for you to follow. Each one is written by the tool's creator and should help you maximize your quilting experience.


How to Paper Piece | Use with Templates | Other Uses


Add-A-Quarter Tutorial 01
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Trace pattern pieces on the seam line, onto template plastic, using a fine tip permanent marker. Carefully cut out template. Check for accuracy.

Add-A-Quarter Tutorial 01
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To keep template from slipping on the fabric while cutting, roll a piece of masking tape onto a circle and place on back of template. This is very important for accuracy.

Add-A-Quarter Tutorial 01
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Stack 4 to 6 layers of fabric together. Position the Add-A-Quarter™ (lip side down) snugly against one edge of template. Cut with rotary cutter. Rotate the Add-A-Quarter™ around the template, cutting all sides.

Add-A-Quarter Tutorial 01
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To trim off the long points that remain on some pieces, leave template on fabric, place Add-A-Quarter™ (lip side down) so that the tip of the template meets the lip of the Add-A-Quarter™. Trim off excess.